Monday, 13 August 2012

Goat Judge Exams

Oh well, I needed 80% to pass the exam, but I only got 70%. Still, not bad since I’ve only been working with goats for a short time and I have yet to see a goat show. I’ll be going along to some of the major shows so that I can get more experience and learn more about goats and goat judging. The downfall of the newbie.

We have the Royal Hobart show coming in October and a number of other shows around the state in the coming months, so there should be plenty of time for us to get more experience at goat judging.

My goals have still been achieved, I wanted to do the Goat Judging course to learn more about breeding goats and what it is that makes a good goat. I have learned an enormous amount while studying for the exam and there is still loads that I can learn. I just have to keep my mind and ears open.

The path to a better herd of goats is still a long one and stretched out in front of me. My goat mentor took 10 years to get her herd to a level where she was consistently breeding such high quality goats.

Like anything that is worth doing, it is worth learning as thoroughly as you can and with as much energy as you can devote to it. Besides, learning with my goats is such a pleasant experience, they are lovely, active, energetic and just plain funny animals. On top of that, it is an activity that 3/4 of my family is participating in.

Now I am planning my breeding program with a view to correcting some of the faults in my goats and improving their quality. I can only do that if I know what those faults are, so … win!

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