Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A pleasant walk on the beach

We have been meaning to do more walking after work to improve our health. For the last couple of days, we have been going to Howrah beach and walking it’s length. First day, we three walked the beach … day two, it was the three of us and my darling wife’s cardigan corgi, Fiona. Today, we took my Staffordshire bull terrier, Salome (Sally). Sally was very excited to be on the beach with all of the waves and other dogs and stuff.

As soon as Sally gets onto the beach, she starts to yip and yodel, telling everyone how excited she is. When we let her off lead she takes off like a bullet.


Fiona isn’t terribly happy about going into the water, Sally is an entirely different story. Sally likes to bite the waves and run up the beach.


Here are the three of them … this is the only kind of photograph of my daughter that I will post online, a silhouette. Unfortunately, the web is a dangerous place and images can haunt you for a long time.


The dogs really enjoyed their outing and Sally was very well behaved.


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