Monday, 7 January 2013

Goodbye Goats

Well, we have reached a very difficult and upsetting decision. We are no longer going to be keeping goats.

Due to a number of reasons, mainly:

  • Accommodation on our property needs to be extended at a very high cost;
  • Inability of keeping goats and being able to get any time away from the farm; and
  • Health and wellbeing of the family

We have taken the hard decision to get rid of our goats. This will give us more time to focus on the family and will allow us to finally have a much overdue holiday.

I am very sad that this has happened, but we are still looking forward to having goats in our life (mainly by staying in the Tasmanian Dairy Goat Society, and through the friends that we have made with our goats).

The flock left the property last week and I miss their bleating and affection.

All of the other animals on our property can be either left to their own devices for long periods of time or left at kennels.

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