Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome and quick blog catch up

This is the first post for the web log of Carembache Stud. In this blog, I'll be rambling on about the animals on my property. Mostly we breed Anglo Nubian dairy goats.
I started with an old Saanen doe that we got from the RSPCA, "Blossom". That was back in the days when we didn't know that one goat just means trouble. Blossom escaped once too often into our vegetable patch, so she moved back to the RSPCA ... lovely goat and really sweet natured.
Next we rescued a pair of kids from the north of the state, a Saanen and a British Alpine doe kid (Molly and Millie). Unfortunately, Molly died from scours very soon after getting home, so we very quickly raced around trying to find Millie a friend ... and then we come to Holly (pictured above). Holly was our first Anglo-Nubian goat.
Much later, we discovered that Mille had CAE (Caprine Arthritis/Encephalitis) disease and so she had to be put down. Again with the running around and trying to find a companion for Holly. This brought us to Minnie ... another Anglo-Nubian goat (actually, Holly's cousin).
We kept the pair of them (Holly and Minnie) in quarantine for a month while we waited with baited breath for the outcome of their CAE blood tests and were so very relieved to discover that they were CAE free!

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