Friday, 31 December 2010

Chicken Run is Complete

clip_image002Last month I told you about the completion of the Chicken Run and Chicken Coop. Well, I didn’t include any pictures of these, so here are some images of the coop and run for your enjoyment.

clip_image004As you can see, the run now has bird netting over the top and is completely enclosed. This keeps those nasty hawks and eagles away!

The Chicken Coop was finished last month as well … but due to the timing, I also didn’t get photos of that for the newsletter. Here are some photos of the finished product.

clip_image006clip_image008The chicks from our previous hatching are enjoying the coop and scratching around in the bottom for food.

The nesting box comes out from the main coop so that there is lots of space inside the coop for the chickens to do their chicken things.

The roof is simply some roofing iron that has been screwed down to the roof trusses. I have left a gap of 10cm between the top of the panelling of the coop and the roof to provide plenty of ventilation.

My lovely wife provided roosting perches from some pieces of old cherry tree that we cut up.


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