Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Chickens Sally Port

I wanted the chickens to be able to have free access to the property during the day, and to be locked away safely at night. Since I made the chicken run from an old swimming pool enclosure, the best answer to this was to cut a door into the side of it.

This meant getting the angle grinder out (woohoo … loud toys!).

I made a simple rectangular frame from square tube steel and welded it together, then I simply clad the frame with a piece of galvanised tin.


Then I fitted a pair of hinges to the bottom of the door and a slide bolt to the top.


The door remains open during the day, and locks up tight at night to keep those pesky cats out.

The first time that I opened the door to the chicken run, the chooks were very pensive about using it.  I had to encourage them through with tasty treats.

Once they got the idea, they really got the idea! Now when we walk anywhere near the door (and if it is closed) the chickens get quite excited.

Since giving the chickens their door, the chickens have been much more content. They get more variety in their diet and they get lots of exercise running back and forth between the chicken run and the next door neighbours property.

By the way, a sally port is a small door that is usually cut into a larger door and is used in castles to allow the people inside to get in and out to make a sortie against besieging troops without being observed.

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