Saturday, 14 July 2012

Was there a memo that says “Ruminants Escape Today”?

After fixing the fence in the sheep paddock, I went to check on the goats. The goats were making their normal racket … but something was wrong. Holly was being much more vocal than she normally is. Then I noticed that there was a fence between Holly and the rest of the herd. Damn, she’s got out again!


Holly had gone over the fence into the blackberries and, when she saw me, she acted like some weird mojo had transported her to the wrong side of the fence and she had NOTHING to do with it. She followed me down the fence to our front gate and then bolted back to our property. That’s one of the truly wonderful things about goats, they have a strong sense of place. The only problem then was getting her back into her paddock.


I had intended to move the goats up into the top paddock for a bit of a forage, so I had some goat treats in my pocket. Collecting the rest of the herd wasn’t too difficult, and getting them all into the top paddock with some bribery worked just fine.

The rest of the goats were at the fence wanting some of that sweet, sweet grass from the other side too. Although Darius did lose his concentration temporarily … was there any food in the bowl?


Now I just had the problem of fixing the fence so that Holly can’t get back over (for a little while at least). Of course, goats love to escape, and once they have an escape route, they will use it again, and again, and again … and again.

I had to drive in another star post and tension the fence up as well as I can with the wire being old and rusty. That really has to go.

It really did seem that a memo was sent to all ruminants to remind them that today was the day to escape.

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