Saturday, 30 October 2010

Chickens Growing Apace

clip_image002The thing that surprises me so much about growing your own chooks ... is that they are not chicks for very long at all. They go from being the lovely little balls of fluff one minute, like the picture above, to being ungainly things half fluff and half feather with long necks. Nevertheless, they are still lovely little things that I am quite attached to. I think that there is one cock and three hens.

The chicks hatched on the 29th of September. Now it’s only three weeks later and they have turned into half chick half chicken hybrids. They have grown wing feathers and their wings have grown bigger, their tail feathers are starting to grow strongly, their necks have grown longer, their wattles are starting to appear and their eyes have grown bigger.

Three weeks more in the brooder and these chickies will be heading for the new chicken run. Then the next round of chicks will be ready for the brooder.

Ideally, we want to have a dozen hens. Any cocks that we get from our breeding, will be kept with Raj until they are big enough for the pot.

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