Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Incubator is Empty


Now that my latest batch of small yellow bundles of chirpy goodness have hatched, the incubator is almost empty again. I have now got four chicks (three more to hatch) chirping and running around the incubator. They’ll be moved into the brooder box soon so that they can have more room to grow.

This clutch of chicks is the second batch of progeny from my Rhode Island Red rooster and White Leghorn hens. They are very funny little creatures and give us hours of entertainment at night as we wind down from a day of work and watch television.

These little chicks are growing quickly and we will be putting them into the brooder box very soon.

The Army of Chickens is growing and I will soon have a vast horde of chicken minions (not mignon) at my beck and call! Mwahahaha my evil plans to take over the world with my legion of chickens is coming to fruit!

Eh ... not so much.

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