Friday, 15 June 2012

Mushrooms in the Chicken Coop

We’ve had lots of rain lately, and a huge crop of these little mushrooms have come up in the chicken run.

Mushrooms 01

They seem to have come up around the logs in the chicken run where there is straw. At first I thought that they may be a kind of straw mushroom, but they are the wrong shape.

Mushrooms 02

I think that the fungus may be growing from the decay of the logs, rather than the straw, so … who knows? Some of the caps are bright green, some are black and others … in between. The stalks are long and thin. The heads of the mushrooms are about the size of grapes.

Mushrooms 03Mushrooms 04

Mushrooms 05

So, the gills are a kind of chocolate brown and there seems to be a reddish sap. The small mushroom next to the older mushroom is of a much lighter colour. The stalk appears to be hollow.

The length of the stalk on the larger mushroom is about 2 inches.

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