Monday, 11 June 2012

Shade Trees

About a year ago, my darling wife and my two lovely daughters went for a walk in the pine forest along Seven Mile Beach in Tasmania. I wanted to collect sap from the pine trees to make a natural varnish (mixing the sap with gum turpentine), my lovely wife wanted to collect some pine cones for decorating some plant pots with, kind of like mulch only … different.

Well after about ten months, we had some pine seedlings growing in our plant pots and they started to grow nicely.

We decided that the pine trees would make good shade trees for the paddocks. The four of us went out and planted the lot of them in the bottom paddock and the middle paddock. We made a stand of trees in the bottom paddock and planted one of the pine trees next to the animal shelter that I built there.

Eight trees went into the bottom paddock, the remaining four trees went into the middle paddock. Now there are more trees for the animals to shelter under and to break the wind blowing up the valley.

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