Monday, 28 February 2011

Heavy Machinery on the Farm

When we bought the property, the previous owner had an underground rifle range built into the side of the hill. The range was covered with corrugated iron and was constructed with heavy steel pipes. At the back end of the range, there were about 24 2000mm x 400mm x 25mm steel sheets welded together to provide a downward sloping bullet guard. Some friends and I harvested these materials some time ago, but I’d left a huge chasm in the middle paddock (about 3m x 20m x 2m). All of the soil that had been dug out of the ground to make the rifle range was piled up next to the range.

I hired a 1.5 tonne mini-excavator from COATES Hire for the weekend so that I could re-fill the hole and do some other stuff around the property.

I managed to get some of what I wanted to do finished, but not all. Most of the pile is now in the hole but I wasn’t able to clean up the top paddock. The top paddock is just too steep for something as top heavy as an excavator.

Next, I’ll hire a bobcat!

I will be harvesting some trees from my mate’s property in the next couple of months to make fence posts for the top paddock. I need about 120 fence posts, so that should be fun.

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