Monday, 28 February 2011

The Quarantine Pen

The quarantine pen has been constructed using 2,400mm star posts, 4mm white wire and 2000mm chicken wire. Each pen is 6m x 3m with a 500m wide gate.

There are two of these, side by side, with the gates sitting side by side (to make it easy for me to access). Across the back half of the pen I have also attached 70% shade cloth so that they have some decent cover.

The pen also has some tensioning posts stuck in at the corners so that the wires can be pulled taught.

I have constructed a pair of shelters in the quarantine pen from a pair of apple crates and a pair of cherry crates. The front was knocked off the apple crate and the cherry


crate was nailed on to the top (upside down) to make a nice box. I then screwed on some exterior grade plywood to make them a bit more weather proof and filled the bottom up with hay. The shelter in the background is the Cherry Crate on Apple Crate construction … only Holly thought I was taking a photo of her.

Ah well … she is a pretty goat after all.

Holly’s favorite game at the moment is to climb up onto her shelter and stick her head out between the two joined shade cloth sheets (they are held together with nylon cable ties).

All going to plan, the quarantine pen will be out of service again in about 2 weeks time (here’s hoping!).

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