Thursday, 11 October 2012

Nine New Chicks

After the mysterious disappearance of our rooster, Raj, we decided to get some more chickens. The chicks are just 8 weeks old and they haven’t been sexed yet, but I think that at least three of them are boys. The woman that we bought the chicks from had them in a decent sized chicken truck so they are well used to being out-doors. Some of the chicks (about 4) are much smaller than the others and they are a good mix of colours from very pale to deep red.


When these guys grow up they are going to be lovely chickens.

When I have a chance, I will card the chickens feathers to work out which ones are boys and which are girls. To sex the chickens, I look at the feathers on the chickens neck (the ruff). Boys have very pointy feathers (V shaped), while the girls have much more round shaped feathers (U shaped).

One of my friends wants a hen and, if possible, a rooster too. I reckon that I will be able to accommodate that.

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