Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fishing Adventure

We went down the east coast to Opossum Bay to do a spot of fishing. This is a really lovely spot, just over from the jetty.

Opossum Bay

The tide was out when we got there, so we had a poke around the rock pools … well my darling wife and little daughter did, I risked the low tide with my fishing rod anyway.

After about an hour, the water had come up a little and we decamped to the jetty and sat there for another couple of hours just pleasantly soaking and losing bait. I caught a flathead, but it was too small to keep.

After that, we came home and it was time to feed the goats.

We let the chickens out very early today … so they had decided to hide their eggs rather than lay in the coop (evil chickens!).

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