Friday, 9 November 2012

Gate Hardware done

I’ve put the gate hardware onto the hurdle. The drill bit that I used was a little large for the hardware, so I have set it into the post with a 2 part epoxy. I know that that means that when I have to replace it (eventually) it will be a pain … but, whatever. I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it.

gate hardware

The fence post is a little bit high for my youngest darling daughter to reach into the letterbox. So I am going to build a step into the post for her. I’ve seen these steps on other fence posts before, they used to be used for putting things like milk bottles on back in the old days when you used to get milk delivered. They are also used for parcels, etc. I think that it will be useful for our daughter.

The step is simply a pair of rails with a cross piece to step on.


I still have a couple of fence rails left over from making the sheep pen, so I will simply screw these into the hurdle at both ends, with a bit extending out of the front. The step is another offcut that is then screwed to the rails.

This weekend, I want to put the fence wire back up and strain it against the hurdle. It shouldn’t take long … but before I can do that, there are some other parts of the fence that need repairing, plus, it is the Brighton Show this weekend and I have promised my youngest to go (we want to watch the goat judging for more experience).

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